For participants

The Futurechangers programme aims to encourage students to think about pursuing a career in environmental campaigning.

Paid campaigning work is fulfilling and offers a range of good opportunities that young people might not otherwise consider as a career path. In addition you get to change the world for the better.

What they’ll learn

Over six contact sessions participants will learn about car dependency, which is a topical environmental issue.

What is car dependency?
Car dependency is when cities and lifestyles are arranged around the car as the primary mode of transport. This causes a range of problems including inactivity, pollution and poor use of land.

They’ll also learn about how professional campaigning works, the variety of skills required for jobs in the sector and get a taste of how it all comes together by creating their own campaigns.

The programme includes a one week paid placement at an environmental charity as well as support before, during and afterwards to make the most of it.

Time commitment
Six two hour training sessions over the year
Six days paid work placement in April.

What they’ll get out of it

The programme ends with a certificate of completion and a celebration of the work done.

Students who have enjoyed the experience will be supported in choosing university courses that would assist them in the career path of environmental campaigning.